My assumption with this Virtual Videos Guide is that after you find an appealing video, you will want to exercise along with the video, as I do. You may just want to watch but a video becomes more alive for you when your body is moving.

What is the best way to watch the videos while exercising? If you have a digital screen already attached to your exercise machine, you have that problem solved. You may have to figure out how to get to the internet, though.

My old treadmill does not have a digital screen. I bought it over 20 years ago and it still works! I like it so I will keep it for as long as it does. My treadmill is located near my television set. For many years, I walked at night after work while watching a program. Then I found the virtual walking videos. It seemed obvious to me that I should walk, too, while watching them. I now walk twice a day.

While I have a Smart TV, I do not yet use it with internet. To get to the internet, I use my laptop or my phone, but the phone screen seems too small to feel very immersed while viewing a video of a walk. I do not have a tablet yet.

My initial problem was:  how could I get my laptop eye level so I could watch the videos? I had to figure out a set-up so I could reach it easily. A good ergonomic set up is important to prevent neck pain or accidents.

I decided to put my small, light-weight C-shaped sofa side table on top of a different end table right in front of the treadmill. Then the laptop goes on top. My laptop has a 15-inch screen which works to fill my vision (although a bigger screen would be nice). Every day, I put the laptop (unplugged) on top of the small table on top of the bigger table. It isn’t the best set up, but it works in my small living room.

Maybe you can figure out something like that.  If you use your tablet or phone, you will probably need some kind of holder to prop it up.

Watching is good, but exercising is better. I hope this information helps.