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The main purpose of this website is to make choosing a good walking video easier for others. After walking along with various “proxy walkers” for over a year, I have watched around 300 videos so far. I watch a new one nearly every day or two.

There are many walkers on YouTube™ creating a great deal of content. Each walker has their own approach but sifting through all the videos now available can be time consuming. Even with subscriptions to my favorite walkers, sometimes I have to try a number of videos, watching each for several minutes, before I find a new video that I want to watch. At times, I wish someone could show me a new video with my criteria so I could get started more quickly. Other times, I enjoy discovering new videos and finding positive features in them.

Sometimes I preview a video where the walker has techniques that are not quite my style, but they may suit someone else. Since I have watched so many videos, I have information that may help you find ones that you like. Not all of them are “hikes” but I will share them anyway.

A second purpose is to share the wonderful “experiences” I have because someone decided to film their walk and upload it. I want to share if there was a beaver dam and trees that were freshly carved, but not toppled, by those beavers. Maybe there was a special bird that flew by. Or maybe there was a spectacular waterfall that I know more people would appreciate.

A third purpose is to provide a platform for the virtual walkers who create these videos, so the best videographers get more views. I truly appreciate each walker’s time and inspiration to share them. I enjoy discovering new walkers and some of them become quite experienced and provide great videos. More proxy walkers arrive every month while some move on to other projects.

I will note which ones are my favorites. Maybe at some point, I will give “awards” or at least stars to help guide your choice. For now, I will provide tag words to help categorize the videos.