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Welcome to the At Home Hiking Virtual Videos Guide website!

In the fall of 2020, I was on YouTube™ looking for a comedy clip when I saw a tile that was a virtual walk in Switzerland. I clicked to watch it and I saw it was a “slow walk” all in one take walking down a mountain side. The video was very sharp. I decided to watch it while I walked on my treadmill, and I was immediately hooked.

Every day, I selected a virtual slow walk video for my 30-minute treadmill walk. I started taking notes about each video. I wrote down where it was, how many minutes, the walker’s channel name and description, the weather during the video and more. That habit got me through some dark, lonely days of the pandemic.

When I walk along with the videos, I can almost believe that I am actually taking the walk in the video location. I enjoy the details of the leaves on the trees, the nearby water and the clouds in the sky. I almost feel like I have been to the location of the walk, especially with the best “proxy walkers.”

The descriptions of videos on this website will categorize, rate and provide links right to each video to make it easy to watch them when you click or to save them to your YouTube™ “Watch Later” list.

Maybe you can find some peace in this chaotic world for the length of the video. If you can exercise along with it, that is even better.

Here’s to your good health and happiness!