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Videographer Name or Channel with External Link: Wind Walk Travel

This videographer joined YouTube™ in 2016.  The channel posts high quality videos of walks that are usually not narrated.  They have over 100 videos so far. He wants the viewers to feel as if they are walking the path, too.

Videographer Details

ID Detail Description
1 Channel Name Wind Walk Travel Videos
2 Only Walking videos Yes
3 Other Types
4 Date Joined YouTube 3/20/2016
5 Number of Guides
6 Name unknown
7 Guide Country US
8 Guide State unknown
9 Website
10 Facebook Y
11 Other Video Site Link
12 Channel Number of Videos 375
13 Number of Videos Range Over 100 Videos
14 Posted within 3 months? Yes
15 Playlists? Many Playlists
16 Other Channels No
17 Number of Subscribers Range Over 10000
18 Camera and Video Types 4K
19 Video Quality excellent
20 Narration Style Never Narrates
22 Review Date 2/27/2022
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