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Video Walk Location: Rizal Park Luneta, Manilla, Philippines

YouTube Video Title and Link: Walking Tour of Rizal Park (Luneta) in Manila, Phillippines Travel Guide

AHH Virtual Walker Profile:  Wind Walk Travel

This video shows a walk through Rizal Park which is located next to the old walled Intramuros area of Manilla.  Manilla Ocean Park on Manilla Bay is just behind the walker as he starts out on the southwest end of the park and heads northeast.  The park is dedicated to a national hero, Jose Rizal, whose writings inspired a rebellion against the Spaniards.  There is an area of statues that demonstrates his killing by a firing squad.  There are Chinese and Japanese gardens in the park.  There is a lot to see.

Video Details

ID Detail Description
1 Channel Wind Walk Travel Videos
2 Location Continent Asia
3 Location Country Phillipines
4 State/Province
5 Location Area or City Manila
6 Additional Location Rizal Park Luneta
7 Mountain Range
8 Title Walking Tour of Rizal Park(Luneta) in Manila, Phillippines Travel Guide
9 Date Uploaded 12/20/2017
10 URL
11 Start Direction Northeast
12 Sound Actual Environment Sound
13 Music No Music
14 Narration No Narration
15 Title
16 Subtitles No Subtitles
17 Camera Speed 4K
18 Length 28:29
19 Video Length Between 15 and 30 Minutes
20 Video Chapters No Chapters
21 Video Continuity One Take or Close to One Take
22 Video Quality Good Quality Video
23 Time of Day
24 Weather Cloudy
25 Season October
26 Land Type Park
27 Ground Cover Flowers Blooming
28 Building Type
29 Incline Mostly Flat
30 Trail Type Concrete Walk
31 Map Available No Map Available
32 YouTube Description Description Includes Some Info
33 Animals Shown
34 Population Type Big City
35 People Presence Some Other People
36 Subscription requests Few to No Subscription Requests
37 Food
38 NOTES Started on SW of that wall of the inner old city. Went past memorial clock, some monuments, past Dr. Jose Rizal monument. Went through Chinese and Japanese gardens.
39 Review Date 3/26/2022