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After rejecting the major brands offerings of standard folding treadmills because of their size, I looked at smaller treadmill models.  Some were made for walking while working at a desk and some folded away under the bed.  Models I considered included:  Botorro R5, Oma, Echelon™ Stride and Sunny Health and Fitness treadmills.

I eventually decided to buy the ECHANFIT® treadmill with auto incline.  I made the decision mostly based on the small size and features.  It stands up when folded.

What I Like

The ECHANFIT® has a small footprint. It is only 53 inches long and when folded to a V, it takes up only 31 inches.  That is still larger than I want but it is smaller than the other models that were all at least 8 inches longer than that.

The deck running area is only 43 inches.  If I were a runner, that would be a problem.  But because I only walk, I do not need as much space.  I am 5’8” and my stride is about 40 inches.

It has a 2.5 HP motor which is robust for the size of the unit.

The total weight of the unit is under 100 pounds.  That is partially because of the smaller deck area and the smaller rollers.  It is light enough for me to move it around easily.

The lighter weight makes it easier to fold up.

When unfolding, there is a “soft drop” feature.

It is fairly easy for one person to set up.  The instructions are clear.

The console is well lit and easy to read.  It is pretty basic, but I don’t use many features.  I walk forward at a constant pace, and sometimes incline and check my pulse and distance. It is easy to glance down to see my pulse, distance traveled, and the approximate calories used.

It has speed button controls and incline controls on the handlebars that are easy to use.

The auto-incline goes up to 12%. I don’t usually go beyond 5%, but it is good to know I could.

The price on Amazon in May 2022 was under $500. I see it is even cheaper at Walmart now four months later.

What I Don’t Like

The handlebars height is too low for me, and I am just 5’8”.  But that is a tradeoff for the light weight aspect of the unit. I would like at least 2 more inches higher on the handlebars, however.

When you stop or “pause” it, it does not keep the last pace setting. Each time I pause it, I have to bring the pace back up manually.  My old treadmill kept that setting.

It is closer to the floor than my Vision Fitness model.  There is only about 4-5 inch step up which would be good if I had knee problems. I can’t just sit down on it which I used to do on my old treadmill.

However, there is a benefit to that because I have a grandchild who will soon be crawling. That smaller gap will be safer so she can’t get under the deck. It is also less tempting to put a laundry basket or something else on the deck.  I need it ready to use when I want to!

The belt has the very large brand name ECHANFIT® in red on it. Is that really necessary? I cover the belt with a black cloth when it is not in use, so I don’t have to see it.

The motor was quiet at first, but after 4 months, it has started ringing after it gets to 1.5 MPH. It is a soft ring for now.

The rollers are fairly small.  Bigger rollers are better for the long-term belt life, but I decided this was a short-term fix to get me through.

Note that for those over 200 pounds, this is not a good treadmill.  The maximum user weight recommendation is under 225 pounds.  I am slim so that is not a problem for me.

The warranty is not very good because it is only 1 year on parts.  That disturbs me quite a bit.

Taking the Risk

In spite of the downsides, I took the risk, and I bought the ECHANFIT® model.  It was inexpensive and it had the features and size I need.  It fits in my living room, and I can open the front door easily when necessary.  I have been using it for four months.  It meets my needs for now.  Obviously, it may not work out as a long term solution for me if it doesn’t hold up.

Bottom line:  This is a decent treadmill for smaller, shorter people who want to walk and use auto incline, but the warranty is not good.

Please see ECHANFIT® website for more information.  It disturbs me that there is nothing on the “About Us” page. I hope they will add some content soon. Because I bought it from Amazon, I will go through the seller if I have issues.

The ECHANFIT® with Auto Incline Vs My Requirements**

*Priority:  M = Must, S = Should, C = Could

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I am happy that I can keep "hiking" at home to beautiful walking videos like those I have reviewed on my site.


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