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Comparing Common Folding Treadmills

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Now that I had my requirements for a new treadmill, I gathered information about folding treadmills.  Below is a comparison of four common treadmills models.**  Note that I only included rows that show my primary wants.  I kept the priority and desired columns as a benchmark of what I was looking for.

Comparison of 4 Popular Home Folding Treadmills 

*Priority:  M = Must, S = Should, C = Could

Did I Choose One of These Four?

Unfortunately, all of these models were bigger than my space alotment so I did not choose one of them.  I needed a length of less than 65” but not one of them was under 70”.

I needed a unit that I could fold up and open the front door when needed.  The folded lengths for 3 models were all at least a 12 inches too long because of how long the deck was.  I couldn’t find folded dimensions for the ProForm Carbon T7 model.  But I would guess it has the same problem because the deck is almost 74 inches long.

The weights of the units were all over 200 pounds when I wanted something under 125 pounds so I could move it easily.

Three were $1,000 or more on Amazon when I wanted a less costly treadmill.  ProForm requires a subscription so that would likely be add more dollars than the $900 listed and I am not interested in a subscription to iFit.  I watch walking videos instead!

Continuing to Search

In the next and last post of this series, I will describe the unit I ended up with.


**The information was gathered from various company websites, review websites, marketplaces such as Amazon and various other websites.  In some cases, I could not find the answers for comparison.  The information is intended to be helpful but it is not to be misconstrued in any way to be official.  This was just my personal comparison for my own use.  No harm to any of the manufacturers is intended.

I verified the information before posting this.  All models appear to still be available.

Please contact me to correct any information that is inaccurate.

Links for Treadmill Specifications per Manufacturer Website

Horizon Specs

Lifespan TR1200i

ProForm T7

Sole F63

Folding Treadmills Article

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