The Four Seasons by Geoge Hodan
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Weather Outside Your Door

Walking and hiking outside is preferable to indoor exercise whenever possible because immersion in nature has been shown by many studies to help our mood and refresh our senses. When the need for isolation arises, or our health is problematic, we may not be able to get outside to walk.

When I first started walking to video walks, I selected virtual videos that matched the season in my area so I could feel more synched with the weather outside my real door.  It helped me imagine being outdoors. During December, winter in my area, I watched Christmas market videos in Europe. During spring, I walked while viewing cherry blossoms in Washington DC and Japan.


But when the winter got worse (it gets very cold in Minnesota), I realized that I didn’t want to walk with a snowy video everyday.

I searched for Australia, and I found a walker who films walks on the Gold Coast. (See videos by I Love Walks and Rides.)  The month was the same, but it was warm there! I could pretend to be on vacation. Videographers film virtual walks in every season.

As time went on, I decided I wanted to watch a video because of its location. I made my daily selection with less emphasis on the weather. But my local weather still does affect my choice sometimes.

Maybe you don't think about weather in the virtual walk videos. But sometimes it is nice to look out a window, look at the screen and see similar colors and "feel" similar temperatures.

Weather Tags on AHH

I use tags for weather on this Guide. If you search for “spring”, you will find a list of videos set in the spring.  If you put in fall, the same. Here are some links to videos by season.

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