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Videographer Name or Channel with External Link: Walking Tours

This YouTube™ Channel has over 200 walking videos from California and around the world. Many of them are in cities but there are some in national parks or beaches.  The videos I have watched have been environmental sounds without any narration or subtitles.  They are good quality.

One of his recent videos has the following information:

"Hi! I'm Robert, a photographer who started taking long walks to lose weight. I started recording these walks, and they became "walking tours" I wanted to share with others. I hope they provide a sense of relaxation and enjoyment to you, as they do for me. I make sure to post all videos in Ultra HD 4K with ambient noise to give you the best sense of what it looks and feels like, as if you're there. I hope you enjoy this walking tour!"

Videographer Details

ID Detail Description
1 Channel Name Walking Tours
2 Only Walking videos Yes
3 Other Types No
4 Date Joined YouTube 12/15/2018
5 Number of Guides
6 Guide(s) Gender Male
7 Name Robert
8 Guide Country Unites States
9 Guide State
10 Website
11 Facebook
12 Other Video Site Link
13 Channel Number of Videos 242
14 Number of Videos Range Over 100 Videos
15 Posted within 3 months? No
16 Playlists? Many Playlists
17 Other Channels
18 Number of Subscribers Range Over 10,000
19 Camera and Video Types 4K
20 Video Quality Excellent quality
21 Narration Style Usually does not narrate
22 Notes
23 Review Date 3/17/2022
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