Bare tree branches with ice

Maybe I Need to Simplify These Posts

One year ago, I came up with the idea for this website.  It is hard to believe that much time has passed.  I have had some major life events that kept me preoccupied, such as becoming a grandmother and losing my mother.

My Initial Intentions for

When I started this website, I wanted to include a lot of detail about the content of each video.  I felt like I was actually preparing for a hike IRL.  But I find that even after I finish a video that I am enthusiastic about sharing on this website, I don't create a post.  I have a process to fill in the tables which takes me awhile.  So I put it off.

I have walked along with so many wonderful nature hike videos this past year, yet I only have about 35 reviews so far.  I apologize for being so slow at posting.

I also walk to various videos of cities, tour guides, drives and other interesting topics. But I have decided that this website really is dedicated to videos of beautiful scenery and little talking.  Those are my favorite.  There are some guides that are somewhat low-key and I like to include their narrated video hikes as well.

How will I Simplify the Process?

I may just grab the thumbnail, link and title for each video, along with the YouTube Channel and put them in a post.  I like having the tags, so maybe those will stay as well.  I will try a few variations to see what gets me to post good videos more often.

Thank you!

For anyone who actually comes back and checks this site for new posts, thank you.  I hope you have enjoyed the reviews so far and have found some new videographers to enjoy.

To those who think this is an inactive site, I apologize.  I will try to do better.

Here’s to your good health and happiness!