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Video Walk Location: Laguna Toncek in the Nahuel Huapi National Park, Patagonia (Bariloche), Argentina

YouTube Video Title and Link:  4K Virtual Hike in Patagonia (Bariloche) - Valle de Campanile - Laguna Toncek

AHH Virtual Walker Profile: Hikers Eye 4K Slow TV

Video Summary and Details

Hike up to the Laguna Tonacek glacial lake in Patagonia (Bariloche), Argentina.  It is located in the Nahuel Huapi National Park.  The extraordinary trail starts at the Cerro Catedral and passes through Campanile Valley Lenga Forest.  The trail goes over remaining parts of the glacier, then up the Col Parotida slope.  Over the summit, the videographer goes downhill to the Laguna Toncek and around it to the other side.

One website describes Laguna Toncek as:  a beautiful lagoon surrounded by jagged granite spires of the Cerro Cathedral. Located near San Carlos de Bariloche. It takes 3 hours of trekking in the middle of Andean-Patagonian forests to arrive at the lagoon. (in Spanish)

Virtual Walking Videos Guide - Hikers Eye 4K Slow TV Videographer (

ID Detail Description
1 Channel Hikers Eye 4K Slow TV
2 Location Continent South America
3 Location Country Argentina
4 State/Province Patagonia
5 Location Area or City Nahuel Huapi National Park
6 Additional Location Laguna Toncek
7 Mountain Range Andes
8 Title 4K Virtual Hike in Patagonia (Bariloche) - Valle de Campanile - Laguna Toncek
9 Date Uploaded 12/11/2020
10 URL
11 Start Direction
12 Sound Actual Environment Sound
13 Music
14 Narration No Narration
15 Title Informative Title
16 Subtitles No Subtitles
17 Camera Speed 4K
18 Length 1:11:07
19 Video Length Between 60 and 75 Minutes
20 Video Chapters Chapters
21 Video Continuity One Take or Close to One Take
22 Video Quality Good Quality Video
23 Time of Day Mid-day
24 Weather Sunny
25 Season Early Summer
26 Land Type Mountainous
27 Ground Cover Deciduous Forest
28 Building Type No Houses
29 Incline Varying Inclines
30 Trail Type Dirt Trail
31 Map Available No Map Available
32 YouTube Description Description Includes Itinerary
33 Animals Shown
34 Population Type Country
35 People Presence No Other People
36 Subscription requests Few to No Subscription Requests
37 Food
38 NOTES Bracing walk in Patagonia in the Andes mountains. After going through lowlands of Lenga forest, he climbs a steep slope and then down to the glacial lake on the other side.
39 Review Date 7/20/2022