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Video Review

Video Walk Location: Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Temple), Kyoto, Japan
YouTube Video Title and Link:  Kyoto Walking Tour [4K] 🇯🇵 Golden Pavilion "Kinkakuji" Japanese garden 2020 Virtual Tour
You Tube Virtual Walker Profile:  Rec Lab
Video Summary

The video of the walk around the Golden Temple in Kyoto, Japan is a departure from most of the nature walks I have reviewed here.  Because there were few people and the grounds were amazing, I decided to include it on the website.  The morning was a clear spring day and I enjoyed the peaceful grounds.  Walking to the video is a spacious meditation on the beauty of the strolling garden and the Mirror Lake.

Video Details

ID Detail Description
1 Channel Rec Lab
2 Location Continent Asia
3 Location Country Japan
4 State/Province Kita Ward
5 Location Area or City Kyoto
6 Additional Location Golden Pavilion Kinkaku-ji (Zen temple) and garden
7 Mountain Range
8 Title Kyoto Walking Tour [4K] Golden Pavilion "Kinkakuji" Japanese garden 2020 Virtual Tour
9 Date Uploaded 5/14/2020
10 URL
11 Start Direction west, then north along the temple
12 Sound Natural Sound
13 Music
14 Narration No Narration
15 Title
16 Subtitles No Subtitles
17 Camera Speed 4K
18 Length 36:38
19 Video Length Between 30 and 45 Minutes
20 Video Chapters No Chapters
21 Video Continuity One take or close to one take
22 Video Quality
23 Time of Day morning
24 Weather Sunny
25 Season Spring
26 Land Type Park
27 Ground Cover
28 Building Type Asian Temple
29 Incline
30 Trail Type
31 Map Available
32 YouTube Description
33 Animals Shown
34 Population Type
35 People Presence No People
36 Subscription requests
37 Food
38 NOTES Peaceful morning walke around a famous Zen temple in Kyoto. The Top 2 floors of the Zen temple are a golden yellow color. The roofs are black. It sits on peaceful Mirror Pond.
39 Review Date 4/24/2023