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A Summary Review of a series of videos by the YouTube Channel Got2Go of her 2 trips across the USA which I highly recommend.

An Exceptional Video Travelogue

Recently, I have been watching a series of videos by the YouTube Channel Got2Go while I walk.  The videographer is Lea, a woman whose location is listed as Germany, who decided to buy a motorcycle and ride around the world.  She has uploaded her videos as travelogues.

I normally don’t add posts for non-walker videographers.  But I feel that Lea’s style is slow, more geared toward rural rather than city, and easy to enjoy so I decided to post about it on a summary level rather than one post for each video.

Channel Description


I'm Lea Rieck and I invite you to join my overlanding motorcycle journey!

Exploring the world – not tourist destinations and going to places most other people don't.

I circumnavigated the world solo from 2016-2017 and now I am visiting all the places that I have missed out on earlier.

Highly Recommended

I highly recommend watching her travel series.  Lea is curious, low key, fair in her evaluations, and willing to be spontaneous.  She is very resourceful as she encounters multiple challenges that she solves.  She finds off-the-beaten-trail spots to ride her motorcycle and to record them.  I appreciate the music she selects, her commentary (in English) and her drone videos which give a broader view of her travels.  She edits the videos in a skillful way which keeps them interesting.

YouTube Playlists screenshot

I watched all 19 videos of her “USA Cross County” playlist for her 2021 trip from Los Angeles, California to Miami, Florida.  She traveled in 2021: “9,000 KM, 13 States, 28 Days”.  The videos are between 11 and 21 minutes long.

I am in the middle of watching her playlist “Epic East Coast USA” which has 13 videos.  She traveled in 2022: “7,000 KM, 13 States, 35 Days”.  They are from 17 to 34 minutes.

I plan to watch her other playlists as well.  Oman Overland, Destination Home – Europe Road Trip, Expedition North, and West Africa.

A Book and Website

Lea also has written a book: Got2Go: How I rode around the world on a motorcylce solo and what I learned along the way

She has a website: Lea Rieck.

She was featured in a blog on the website: Motorcycle Diaries: Got2Go and had an interview on  Interview: Got2Go Lea Rieck. 

Adventurous Spirit

For me, someone who has only ridden a cycle behind another person on relatively few occasions decades ago, I am fascinated by her courageous decision to ride alone for long distances.  (She mentions companions at various points, so she was not always alone.) Her observations are inspiring.

Thank you, Lea, for your adventurous spirit which led you to take off from your European home.  Thank you for sharing your travels.