stone arch doorway man standing under it
Videographers Are Documenting a Changing World

Our world is changing every day.  Some of the places that have been filmed and shared with us in the videos on this site may no longer exist in the way they did at the time the videographer walked there.  The video captured a moment in time that is one of a kind.

Forest fires, human development, drought and other natural cycles change the landscape in big and small ways.  We intellectually understand that shifts happen, but unless we see video images side by side, we may not be touched emotionally by the full impact of change.

Thank You, Videographers

Thank you to the videographers featured on this website who have made the effort to document our world in ordinary time so we can appreciate the extra-ordinary magic of nature.  Those of us who have discovered the joy of sharing slow virtual walks made filmed around the world appreciate the efforts that others are making to record the world.

Someday, people will look back in wonder at what we got to enjoy in the early 21st Century.