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Video Walk Location: Chachabamba to Winay Wayna Inca Ruins near Machu Picchu, Cusco Province, Peru

YouTube Video Title and Link: INCA TRAIL VIRTUAL HIKE - Alpaca Expeditions

AHH Virtual Walker Profile:  Alpaca Expeditions

On a cloudy day, the videographer leaves the train near the Urubamba River at km104 to hike the "Short Inca Trail". After crossing the river (forward is south), at 6:55, the walker reaches the Chachabamba Incan ruins and explores them. No other people are shown so it feels as if you are exploring on your own.

The hike continues west with a view of the Andean peaks shrouded in low level clouds and the Urubamba River at the bottom of the gorge. The walker approaches the Winay Wayna ("Forever Young") Waterfall at 1:21:35. So gorgeous!

Five minutes later, at 1:27:22, the walker enters the base of the Winay Wayna ruins which were skillfully carved into the mountainside. Then the walker climbs upward on the Winay Wayna steps and explores the stone ruins. The distance walked is about half of the hike (4 miles?) up the trail to Machu Picchu. The trail is well maintained with many stone steps and wooden hand-rails. Although it has likely been improved, it is fun to imagine the Inca people in the 1500s walking up and down the trail to Machu Picchu.

Don't miss this video!  The walk is over 90 minutes, so if you only can watch 30 minutes, watch the first 10 minutes and the last 20 minutes. I enjoyed it so much, I watched the full video twice over a number of days.

See AHH's Post Dreaming of Old Granite Incan Places for some maps, information and other links.

Video Details

ID Detail Description
1 Channel Alpaca Expeditions
2 Location Continent South America
3 Location Country Peru
4 State/Province Cusco
5 Location Area or City Chachabamba
6 Additional Location Winay Wayna ruins
7 Mountain Range Andes
8 Title INCA TRAIL VIRTUAL HIKE - Alpaca Expeditions
9 Date Uploaded 3/6/2021
10 URL
11 Start Direction Direction is mostly west, looking north across Urabamba River
12 Sound Natural Sounds
13 Music Faint music at times
14 Narration No Narration
15 Title Title Needs More Info
16 Subtitles No Subtitles
17 Camera Speed 4K
18 Length 1:41:12
19 Video Length Between 90 and 120 Minutes
20 Video Chapters No Chapters
21 Video Continuity One Take or Close to One Take
22 Video Quality High Quality Video
23 Time of Day Morning
24 Weather Cloudy
25 Season Summer
26 Land Type Mountainous, waterfall
27 Ground Cover Mostly Green
28 Building Type Historic Ruins
29 Incline Steep Incline
30 Trail Type Dirt Maintained Trail
31 Map Available No Map Available
32 YouTube Description Description Includes Some Info
33 Animals Shown No Animals
34 Population Type Country
35 People Presence No Other People
36 Subscription requests Few to No Subscription Requests
37 Food No Food
38 NOTES A video of a beautiful hike on a misty, cloudy day up from the Urabamba River to the Chachabamba ruins and on up to the Winay Wayna Incan ruins.
39 Review Date 4/2/2022