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Videographer Name or Channel with External Link: 4K Relaxation Channel

The ProArtInc Company producee the videos found on the 4K Relaxation Channel on YouTube™.  The channel has almost 1,000 videos and they are very actively creating more.  The video quality is usually very high.  They post many long videos for relaxation and enjoyment and they also sell their videos on their website.

Videographer Details

ID Detail Description
1 Channel Name 4K Relaxation Channel
2 Only Walking videos No
3 Other Types animals
4 Date Joined YouTube 4/8/2015
5 Number of Guides 1
6 Guide(s) Gender Male
7 Name Roman Khomlyak
8 Guide Country USA
9 Guide State unknown
10 Website
11 Facebook
12 Other Video Site Link
13 Channel Number of Videos 989
14 Number of Videos Range Over 100 Videos
15 Posted within 3 months? Yes
16 Playlists? Many Playlists
17 Other Channels Y
18 Number of Subscribers Range Over 10,000 Subscribers
19 Camera and Video Types 4K
20 Video Quality Most high quality
21 Narration Style Usually does not narrate
22 Notes Many long videos with just sound and stationary, also drives
23 Review Date 3/20/2022
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